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About warranty extension
Warranty Extension Terms and Conditions

Within 2 years of the new purchase, owners have the right to purchase extra extension 2-year warranty from

Value added service is offered during the extension period:

  1. Maintenance service is covered by authorized dealers.
  2. The remaining warranty extension is inherited when the bicycle is transfer to the new owner.
  3. One repaint service for the bicycle at discount cost (contact regional distributor for the price and details).


Terms and conditions:

  1.  Range of warranty: bicycle frame, front fork and stem manufactued by Pacific Cycles.
  2. Within the warranty period, Pacific Cycles or its authorized distributors / dealers will, at its discretion (case by case), free of charge repair or replace any parts that determined to be defects from materials and/or workmanship at the time which the bicycle was manufactured.
  3. The warranty extension is only valid within the region/country where the bicycle is purchased.
  4. An authorized Pacific Cycles dealer will be assigned for future warranty services upon purchase of warranty extension.
  5. QR code sticker and serial number on the bicycle must be recognizable for identification.  Pacific Cycles remains the right to determine the warranty period starting from the products' (bicycle) manufacture date if the above mentioned information is not available.
  6. Original parts and/or components which has been replaced under warranty claims are Pacific Cycles' property and shall be returned to Pacific Cycles or its authorized distributors / dealers.
  7. Any services and parts and/or components which have been carried out under warranty claims will be covered for the remaining period of the warranty of the bicycle.  Owners are not able to reclaim the same parts and/or components that has already been replaced.
  8. For any warranty claims, it is recommended that owner(s) deliver and take back the product(s) in person to avoid damages during transportation.  If choosing courier service owner(s) are responsible to cover transportation cost round trip and pack the product(s) well.
  9. The routine maintenance records within 3 months is required before transferring the bicycle to the new owner to validate the remaining warranty extension.
  10. Pacific shall announce the schedule of the repaint service and the available colors on the official website.


Warranty Exclusions:

  1. Purchased from unauthorized channels or non-local distributor / dealer.
  2. Modification or installation of any unauthorized parts, components, electric systems, motor systems...etc. which effects the products' (bicycle) structure strength.
  3. Personal expression unrelated to the product itself.
  4. Wearable parts and/or components which are used on Pacific Cycles' bicycles are excluded from warranty terms and conditions.
  5. Any unauthorized repainting, anodizing...etc. actions which may damage the frame.
  6. Competition, rental, accident, neglect, misuse, improper storage, lack of maintenance, transporting...etc. factors which may cause damage to the product (bicycle).
  7. Damage caused irresistible factors (such as flood , fire , earthquake , etc.)


**Pacific Cycles reserves the right to modify, to insert, and/or to withdraw any part of the rules specified herein.